Dr. Hill Hassall's Botanics Eucalyptus Mixer 250ml

Made from distinctive and aromatic Eucalpytus leaves, this refreshing  cordial is inspired by the pioneering Victorian, Dr. Hill Hassall. Delicious with sparkling water and even better in a G&T! A mixologist's dream - a great new, innovative ingredient straight from a botanic garden. 

This is a cordial with a mission - every sip helps us secure the future of the island's only botanic garden. We are sustainability people, so we chose to present our cool new beverage in a reusable bottle - use it for balsamic vinaigrette or to infuse olive oil after you have enjoyed the good doctor's cordial. 

Two size available (250ml and 500ml).

This product is made to order, we aim to have it delivered as soon as possible. 
Please allow additional fee (£2.85) for postage.