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 Started September 2013 we have started a group we are calling Botany Club.  This club is aimed at anyone with an interest in gardens or gardening, botany, horticulture or the great outdoors.  Although its is called Botany Club the range and scope of what we do is wide and varied and pitched at a level from basic to advanced, depending on what members want.  We meet once a month, and you need to become a  member so we can communicate....but after that you choose how involved you want to be.....what would you like to do?

Our monthly meetings are held at VBG, on the second Wednesday of each month at 2pm, usually in the Echium Room.  In between we have visits and workshops both on the Island and the mainland.  Each month is different, with guest experts of their fields.  You can join our meetings or trips out without being a member, though the price is higher. So it makes sense to join, £25 is the subscription.

Our schedule for 2016 is coming soon.

Examples of Previous Club Meetings :

Botany Club May 13th  2015

Botany Club in May will be at club member Phil le May's residence in Bonchurch.

Phil has been building this private garden for several years now in a very secluded and private site. The visit this day is possible only through Botany Club, contact

Botany Club April 2015

Botany Club for April was15th at the Visitor Centre, VBG. Chris Kidd talked about climate change in the garden, followed by a look at some of the plants that VBG has been involved with with universities studying this topic.

Botany Club January 14th 2015

2pm Echium Room Ventnor Botanic Garden

Botany Club member and VBG Friend’s Society Secretary Rosemary Stewart presented a slideshow of the tundra, geography, flowers, birds, animals and dramatic scenery of Greenland.

Botany Club 12th November 2014

2pm Echium Room, Ventnor Botanic Garden

We were very lucky to have Ian Boyd, ecologist extraordinaire and Mr Bee for the Isle of Wight, to visit and gave us an illustrated talk on "'Bees' doesn't just mean honey and bumbles - looking after the real pollinating army of the world"

Botany Club 22nd October 2014

Dr Colin Pope gave us a fungal foray at VBG at 2pm, finding dozens of species of edible, weird and most often downright poisonous fungi.

Botany Club 13th August 2014

Dr David Biggs led another off site visit to Parkhurst Forest, looking for galls, microfungi and leaf miners.  There was a lot to see, Dr Biggs has recorded over 200 unique finds on the island.

Botany Club Wednesday 11th July 2014

Botany Club this month was another plant hunting expedition.  We went in search of the three Isle of Wight endemic species: Field Cow Wheat, Wood Calamint and the Hoary Stock.  Three very different habitats and three different places.

For ease  we meet and parked at VBG and then car shared to the first location for Field Cow Wheat, then onto the Wood Calamint.

Botany Club Thursday 12th June 2014

Botany on 11th June was changed change to the following day the 12th. Another off site visit to Carisbrooke Cemetery above Carisbrooke, also known as Mount Pleasant.  There was a lot to see, at least four species of orchid and any number of interesting meadow flowers generally.  Met at the car park opposite the Carisbrooke Priory at 2pm.

Botany Club Wednesday 14th May 2014

We have outwards bounds visit arranged for 14th May 2014 to the Newtown Nature Reserve accompanied with Bill Shepard.  Bill is co-author of the Isle of Wight Flora and well known for his extraordinary knowledge of the Island and its natural history.  The reserve is on MOD land and only open on one day each year. 

Botany Club Wednesday 9th April 2014

Plants of the Arid Zones.

Chris Kidd gives a talk on the modifications of plants from the world's arid zones, from the deserts to mountaintops.  Following this there will be an examination of these plants within the garden at VBG.  Its not all about cacti!   A few other sacred cows will be slaughtered on the day, that will give greater insights into how to successfully grow arid land plants in the garden at home.

 Botany Club members: £5, Non-members: £10


October 9th 2013

Champion Trees at Ventnor Botanic Garden

An introduction to paleobotany

November 13th 2013

Short day plants

What is a botanic garden?

December  11th 2013

The story of hops, cultivation and brewing

With David Yates from Yate’s Brewery


February 12th 2014

Matthew Chatfield, Head of Countryside Section, IOWC, a Powerpoint presentation of “An Introduction to British Spiders”. 


Our first outwards bound visit was:

November 21st 2013

MOIC, Institute of Naval Medicine and their Library, organised by Chris Kershaw.

Other outwards bound ventures mooted are:

Bench Grafting at a commercial nursery, special opening of private land to see Green Winged Orchids Orchis morio, Cridmore Bog (subject to permissions of landowners), Gardens of Cornish Riviera, Glasnevin Botanic Garden, Dublin - gardens & Guinness with Jason Melia, lichens, fungi, bluebells, herbalism, ethnobotany.....


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