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Botanic Lager with a Hint of Eucalyptus




Ventnor Botanic Garden has resurrected the centuries old tradition of hop growing on the Isle of Wight. Starting in 2009, we became the sole specialist grower of hops on the Island. Hops are truly ripe on a single day each year, so our Botanists keep an hourly vigil over the hop rows in late August. On the chosen day a call goes out to our Friends and Volunteers and a community harvest begins. You’re welcome to join us picking or at our Hops Festival, just watch our website for dates.

In 2017, we put our heads together to come up with a beverage that could incorporate some of the fresh and exotic ingredients of our garden. A lager tinged with Eucalyptus is what emerged from the sparks. Eucalyptus leaves have a fresh, minty taste, as well as playing a special role in Aboriginal medicine, which considers them to have healing properties. In our new lager, we combine a hint of Eucalyptus globulus with our Handpicked Hops in a slow, cold, fermented and clean-tasting lager. Ingredients: traditional floor malted barley, lager malt and cara malt (gluten), yeast, water and Saaz hops, VBG grown Boadicea hops and Eucalyptus globulus.

To join us picking or at the Hops Festival just watch our website for dates.

500ml, 4.8% ABV. First come, first served.

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