Wellbeing Vibe – 2022

This year our well-loved event, previously known as Yoga Vibe, has grown to being a full weekend of activities. We have renamed this event Wellbeing Vibe; this feels more in line with our already eclectic mix of wellbeing sessions.

Featuring Yoga, Tai chi, Qui-gong, Dance, Music, Breath-work, Singing and Meditation classes, we hope to have something here for all.

We will also have a selection of stalls with produce straight form the garden, and a wellbeing range of naturally produced products for you to browse and purchase.

It is a celebration of what we choose to practice and a chance to try new things.

This event is open to the public and a ticket purchased will include free parking, access to the garden and, and many classes offered.


Special offer!

– Purchase a weekend wellbeing pass and gain an annual pass to visit the Garden as many times as you wish for one whole year!
– Purchase one of our single day passes for Wellbeing Vibe and we will gift you a 6-month wellbeing pass!
– Purchase a day pass for Wellbeing Vibe and return for a free day visit to the Garden after the weekend has ended.

Purchase your Wellbeing Vibe passes – here


*To claim – Present your order number to our admissions team on the weekend of Wellbeing Vibe to collect your pass. Our team will process your add-on pass for you.

 In support of this event, our chef will be creating a delicious selection of healthy foods and juices with plenty of options for vegan, vegetarian, and meat-eaters. These will be available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It will truly be wonderful to meet our regular and new wellbeing visitors and teachers here at the garden, even more so after this long period of time we have all had to look at our individual response and collective responsibility toward mind and body healing. To practice and help support ways to maintain our discipline and passions for these physical forms which generate wellbeing so actively in nature.

Our Wellbeing Teachers –

Hatha Yoga with Trish Campbell

Accessible to all, regardless of age, body type and ability. Her yoga classes include the physical practise of asanas, breath-work or pranayama, meditation and relaxation.

Sunshine sessions with firebird

Sessions to lift your spirits and feed your soul through music and movement, run by Dani Johnson of Firebird. No need to have any dance experience or rhythm. Those with two left feet are welcome! Dance to the beat of your own drum. Simple movements to explore in your own way to various music tracks. You can’t get it wrong – it’s your dance. Be as creative or minimalistic as you feel. You won’t even realise you’re exercising. Emphasis is on fun, flow and just moving your body.

Children’s Storytime with Steph

 Join Steph storyteller at the pond by Edulis restaurant for tales from around the world. Suitable for Children of all ages.

Release with  Firebird

A marvellous mixture of mindfulness, meditation, music and movement, run by Dani Johnson of Firebird. These sessions are designed to allow you to release tension and let go. Whether you are overwhelmed, stressed, lacking in confidence, anxious, or just plain tired, these sessions will help you to find tools that you can use in everyday life, outside of class, to allow you to feel lighter and more relaxed, whilst learning to listen to your body.


Garry Qigong – with Garry

An ancient Chinese programme performed in a standing position, suitable for all levels of fitness. It contains movements repeated a number of times which improves breathing, balance, and joint and muscle flexibility. Qigong also helps to relax the mind. Loose clothing is recommended. A fee is paid to the teacher.

Tai chi with Tony

 A series of slow body movements combined as a flowing exercise. Helpful in achieving a state of physical and mental relaxation while also strengthening cardiovascular and immune systems. Suitable for all fitness levels and proficiency.

Loose clothing and soft shoes are advisable.


Dancasana with Helena

A mindful movement workshop designed to release and re-energise a natural flow of energy in body and mind.

British wheel of yoga – Mark Holden

 Yoga with Mark is suitable for all levels as my style of teaching offers modifications or alternatives for varying abilities. Trained and qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga my 20 years of yoga teaching find me passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga for both physical and mental wellbeing in a way that is both relevant and functional. Join us in this warm and friendly environment to see what this yoga can do for you. 

Creative Dance with Michelle

 A lovely, joyful, expressive and inclusive class combining elements of modern dance with ballet.” “Good for mind, body and soul.”

Michelle Hainsworth has been teaching in schools, colleges and the community for 26 years and now specialises in dance for mature movers. To allow for social distancing, booking is essential.

Breath-work with Helena

60 mins of breath-work. The fundamentals of all practice for mind and body… A still class, focused on breath work to invigorate and enliven a stagnant state of being. Wake up the lungs and central nervous system and remind us how to breathe together so that we can alone. And visa versa.

Zumba with Sarah

A Latin and world-rhythms dance-inspired fitness class. Whether it’s Salsa, Reggaeton or Bhangra, this workout is fun, energetic and has the feel-good factor! Follow along with the simple steps for each routine in this full-body workout, and forget that you are in a fitness class. This party is suitable for all ages and levels – no dance experience is necessary!

Strictly Dance Isle of Wight with Graeme and Sally Anne

 An introduction to ballroom and Latin dancing with a Taster class in the Cha Cha Cha for absolute beginners. Strictly fitness and fun!!!

Mind-fullness with Amanda

Welcome to a taste of Mindfulness with Amanda. We will be practising Mindful Self-Compassion. This will include mindful self-compassion meditation practices, poetry and plenty of opportunities for you to really take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced meditator or have never meditated before.

Pilates with Penny

Mat-based Pilates, suitable for all levels. Pilates works to strengthen your core, aid in increasing flexibility, and mobility and aid activities of daily living. By focusing on movement and mindfulness, stress levels will decrease and with continued practice, you will experience an improved quality of life.

Yoga Nidra and Aromatherapy

Be transported to the deeply healing and blissful state of pure presence through the ancient practice of yoga Nidra and the beautiful aromas of Louisa’s handcrafted and healing infused essential oil blends. You will be lying down for around 30 minutes during this guided meditative practice. No experience is necessary.

Scaravelli Yoga

A mindful, slow and deeply explorative Scaravelli Yoga class suitable for all. Whether you are a complete beginner or a practised yogi, find grace and ease of movement by relating to your amazing body with curiosity and wonder.

Sound Healing with Marguerite

Come and enjoy being bathed in various sounds that will vibrate and resonate within you to create balance and restoration of harmony in your system, and increase your sense of well-being. Calming your mind and body to leave you refreshed and relaxed. Each person’s experience of a sound bath is unique with no right or wrong way of feeling, but after you should be grounded and enjoy an easy rest of the day and not plan anything too stressful or physical. 

Pilates with Judith

 Pilates uses a formation of strength exercises focusing on core strength to give you a lean, toned physique. The class generates a relaxed atmosphere using chill out music.

Forest/Garden Bathing with Anthea

 This class will enable you to safely embrace the garden and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Lowering your blood pressure, releasing stress, and finding stillness and calm.

Baby wild garden bathing for mum and baby with Lizzie

 Baby wild is a natural well-being session for pregnant women and new parents. New Mum and Dad’s welcome, with or without a baby. The session combines journaling, nature art, and babywearing. These outdoor sessions are designed to deepen your connection to yourself, your baby and nature.

 Dru Yoga with Maggie

 Dru yoga is a modern form of yoga using graceful and flowing sequences which incorporate classical postures. Helps reduce pain and sleeplessness and creates a sense of calm as it prepares the body/mind for meditation.

ILM movement with Rosalind

 Walk/fall class- This class is inspired by the bodywork therapy of the Ilan Lev Method. It is open to all. During the class, we will aim to bring movement and energy back into the body where maybe it has become stuck or uncomfortable. The class will consist of a series of simple provoking movements which can be followed by the participant at their own pace and intensity. Followed by a ‘ cleaning’ of any accumulated energies and a refill of smiles and joy. This specific class will have to emphasise the two sides of our body. Please bring a yoga mat and blanket.

Mandala Vinyasa  with Olivia Emily Kate

Themed around the elements of water, earth, fire and air, we move 360 degrees around the mat, allowing the student to get lost in a moving meditation.

Jump with John

 Hot Yoga Flow with Shennon

 Hot yoga flow will open up your body, work your heart and calm your mind in equal measures. Suitable for all levels.

 Anusara with Angie

 Anusara is a Sanskrit word derives from the root word and, meaning ‘with’ and Sara meaning ‘flow’. Therefore Anusara may be translated as ‘flowing with grace’ Anusara celebrates life’s diversity, and the qualities of our heart, and seeks a connection to something greater than ourselves.

Voice works

This is the last class of the weekend before we wind down with some sound healing and final gathering in the echium room.