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One of our continuing challenges is to get everyone who loves this garden involved; involved beyond simply enjoying their visits.  Our philosophy in building the Ventnor Botanic Garden Community Company has been to develop the Garden by drawing on the ideas and wishes of those who know the Garden best.  That was the driver behind our “Design Walks.” We were blessed with a splendid spring day for our first Design Walk which focused on the Visitor Centre and near Garden spaces (the “inner loop”) from the perspective of a new visitor to the Garden.  As has so often been the case in my life, the combined insight of the group who attended, plus the interplay of their views, led to an exciting direction for how to better present the Shop, Exhibition Room, and Entrance to the Garden.  The concept of “stations” which emerged will help us lay out the Garden for both new and repeat visitors. A station is a natural stopping place or pause point where a good vista of the Garden can be enjoyed or a specific plant landscape can be highlighted or a tour guide can tell a story about the Garden’s history or plants. Just based on what we discussed during the first Design Walk we will be busy for some time.