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Ventnor Botanic Garden Hosts a series of events throughout Autumn 2022.

We’ve gone Event Mad here at Ventnor Botanic Garden this Autumn as we host a series of fantastic events throughout October – Perfect for the whole family! Let’s take a look at What’s On at Ventnor Botanic Garden…

A red racing mini, races through the car park at Ventnor Botanic Garden in a time trial.

Isle of Wight Car Club Event

When – 9th of October 2022 – TIME: 09:00 AM – 17:00 PM.

Where – The main car park.

What – The Isle of Wight Car Club returns for their popular driving days at Ventnor Botanic Garden this Sunday 9th of October. They will be holding their Round 10 Time Trials within the car park.

Landscape Paintings of the Isle of Wight – Exhibition

When – 1st – 9th of October 2022.


Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

New Carnival shines the light on IW Coastal Heritage

When – 14th of October 2022 – TIME: 12:00 PM – 17:00 PM.

Where – Starting from the edulis Restaurant / Fountain Courtyard.

What – New Carnival shines the light on our celebrated Island Coastal Footpaths – with animated trails, community arts participation and coastal heritage venues all joining together to create a unique three-day mini walking festival called Crossing the Bar.

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When – 14th – 16th of October 2022 – TIME: 10:30 AM – 16:00 PM.
Where – The Echium Room, VBG.
What Two British artists, Jane Cox and Sue Lowday, who live here on the Island and whose work features in national museum collections, will be exhibiting at Ventnor Botanic Garden Echium Room from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 October. This is a special opportunity to buy special handmade arty gifts at affordable prices and chat with the artists about their work.

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When – 22nd of October 2022 – TIME: 5:30 PM- 8:30 PM.
Where – The Echium Room, VBG.
What – Join INTERNATIONAL YOGIS Dan & Holly May For This 3 Hour Offering As They Take You On A Journey Of Discovery & Exploration & Together We REMEMBER Why We Were Chosen To Experience This Human Life As We Connect To The Purest Part Of Our Truest Essence.


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Halloween Ghost Walk Event at Ventnor Botanic Garden


29th October – 19:30
29th October – 21:30
30th October 19:30
Where – Meet in the car park of Ventnor Botanic Garden and explore the grounds at night.
What – Join the popular Isle of Wight Ghost Experience team with spooky walks around Ventnor Botanic Garden this Halloween. Ventnor Botanic Garden is considered one of the spookiest places on the Island. Don’t go alone! Be guided by the experts and hear the tails of spooks!

From spooky Halloween Ghost Walks to Pottery and art – Wellbeing and History walks… We have a whole host of activity taking place here at Ventnor Botanic Garden throughout October 2022 and we invite you to join in!

Each event is lovingly organised by individual groups and hosted by our team here at the Garden. Please refer to the individual links for further information or to purchase tickets.