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The long-awaited removal, repair, and refit of our very own, Bumpy Slide has finally begun!

We are very pleased to announce that earlier this month (April 2022) the old, but much loved ‘Bumpy Slide’ in Ventnor Botanic Garden’s playground was removed from its bank. This slide has been a key feature of the gardens for more than 30 years! But don’t fear – It’s not gone for good!

So, what’s the plan with our Bumpy Slide?

After years of use, the slide has certainly seen better days. So, we’re pleased to tell you now that it has been removed from its bank, it will be transported to a local metal fabricator on the Isle of Wight where it will then be repaired. The mammoth job started earlier in the month with our team cutting the slide free from its base within the bank overlooking the playground. The top of the slide was then rolled into itself, and the framework has now been cut into sections for transport.
Once our trusty metalsmith has worked his magic, it will be returned to its rightful home at Ventnor Botanic Garden’s playground. The base of course will need to be cleared ahead of the new slide being put in place.

What we found under the slide!

Well, the team here at Ventnor Botanic Garden was utterly shocked to find a large amount of rubbish had accumulated under the slide over the years. Rubbish including packets of crisps from 1998, drinks bottles and cans, children’s toy guns, bouncy balls plus so much more! A true display of just how long it takes for our rubbish to decay once we’re finished with it.

Stay tuned, we’ll let you know as and when we progress with the playground upgrades.