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Ventnor Botanic Garden receives National Collection status for its Puya.


Ventnor Botanic Garden, proud public garden with it’s incredibly unique micro-climate has been recognised in the national media (BBC) for receiving National Collection status for it’s collection of Puya. Due to it’s special climate and mild winters which tend to be reliably frost-free, the Garden is able to grow an incredible selection of plant specimen from across the Globe. Notably 17 species of South American puya plants which have now been designated as a National Plant Collection. 

This special micro-climate created by the Garden’s position within the Undercliff region on the Southern tip of the Isle of Wight has allowed the Garden to be known as ‘Britain’s Warmest Garden‘ with, on average, 5c warmer tempratures than the rest of the Isle of Wight, and the UK mainland.