Sue Bolton

Enjoy a beautifully gentle restorative yoga flow & a deeply relaxing guided meditation in the healing grounds of the botanic Gardens giving your body & mind a chance to free itself, unwind and let go. Feel the benefits after just one session!


Mark Holden

This style of yoga includes a wide range of practices, beginning with gentle warm-up towards a stronger set of postures or sequence where modification or alternatives can be used for varying abilities. This is followed with relaxation, pranayama (deep controlled breathing for harmonising energy levels) and meditation. Benefits can include mindfulness, improved strength and flexibility, relaxation and well-being.

A friendly class with the aim of finding harmony and wellbeing by balancing relaxation with postures, and breath with a range of movements. The effort of performing yoga postures is controlled by including an equal measure of comfort. Deep breathing helps to calm the mind. My own yoga journey began over 20yrs ago, and the benefits of positive mood and increased energy keep me practising. The British Wheel of Yoga with whom I am trained are the largest governing body for yoga in the U.K. In over 10 years of teaching, experience shows me that every student is an individual, and my classes are carefully crafted to create both enjoyment and challenge that is appropriate to all levels of ability, with use of alternatives and modifications. Often people who have enjoyed yoga in the past come back for more, beginners have grown to love yoga in these classes, and if you are experienced you will find this practice a valuable step on your on-going journey. Come and join us and see what this friendly class can do for you!

Pauline, who attends Mark’s classes has written “I realised I was starting to suffer from ‘Covid Anxiety’, I think most of us have been there where you tell yourself how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place compared to many people, but unfortunately this doesn’t always make you feel better! As I walked along I started to do the breathing exercises we had been doing with Mark in Yoga starting with light controlled breathing working up to deep breathing, stomach, chest, and up to the shoulders. I had lifted myself up and started to enjoy the sights and sounds around me. I went back home feeling so much better and uplifted. Although we talk about our yoga movements and exercises do we really put them into practise? Well I did and I do and it works.” March 2021


Nickie Short

This style of yoga uses traditional, holistic, classical practices of postures, breath work, relaxation and meditation. All practices are suitable for all levels of experience, age and ability and aim to give you tools to get the most out of life.

Practices allow each individual to strengthen and enhance the functioning of the body, improve the ability to go through each day more mindfully and create a sense of peace and wellbeing.


Trish Campbell

Using postures, breathing techniques, and meditation, to bring about a healthy body and a peaceful mind to all fitness levels. These postures make the spine supple and improve circulation, stretch and align the body, promoting balance and flexibility.

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