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Earth Day 2022 at Ventnor Botanic Garden – One day a year to give back, love and promote ways of protecting our World.

Here at Ventnor Botanic Garden, we are passionate about protecting our environment and monitoring the impacts of global climate change. Here in Britain’s Hottest Garden, we are a bellwether of climate change, here in the UK. With our own micro-climate within the Undercliff of Ventnor, Isle of Wight – We often record temperatures on average 5 degrees centigrade higher than the rest of the UK.

Our efforts to lower our own Carbon footprint are ongoing… Introducing solar panels to lower our dependency on the national grid, installing heat source pumps, low energy lighting and an ethos of recycling throughout our site. We are proud of the work we are currently doing, but we look toward the future and our own future projects to protect our Earth.

How can you celebrate Earth Day?

  • Help clean up your local community with a litter pick – Ventnor Botanic Garden pledge to support this mission with our very own litter pick scheme coming soon!
  • Use Peat-Free compost in your garden – Help to reduce the dependency on our protected wetlands and nature reserves across the world.
  • Eat plant-based / vegan meals and help reduce the dependency on meat production worldwide. Largely considered a major contributor to carbon pollution. Here at Ventnor Botanic Garden, we are proud to serve a range of plant-based and vegan meals across our menu.
  • Encourage the use of reusable utensils, compostable cups or food trays in your local restaurants and cafes. Ventnor Botanic Garden use Vegware for our disposable cups and takeaway trays, ensuring the very best compostable alternative to plastic waste.
  • Push for education on climate change, pollution, food waste and other serious issues that affect us all. Not only in schools but within the community for all ages. We are dedicated to continuing our education on climate change and how we see the changes here within the gardens throughout the years. We welcome school groups here at Ventnor Botanic Garden, why not book your very own educational talk with our team.

Tune in to Earth Day LIVE for the very latest news and talks on how we can all work together for our planet.

What are we doing at Ventnor Botanic Garden to help save our planet?

  • Solar panels – We have our very own solar panel array on-site, this helps reduce our dependency on the national grid.
  • Heat source pumps – We use heat source pumps to warm our Puya Boutique building. This, combined with our underfloor heating helps again to lower our need to take from the national grid.
  • We display our very own research from here at Ventnor Botanic Garden within our HUB room, at the entrance to our own Tropical House. This vital and revealing research helps to educate our visitors and school groups.
  • Local produce – Where possible, we use a large amount of local produce within our own products or our menus for the Cafe and restaurant on-site. Along with our work to provide plant-based or vegan options across our menus.

Find out more about Earth Day by clicking here… Have a great day and let us know how you plan to celebrate Earth Day 2022.