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A south facing terrace backed by steep rocky banks provides a setting suitable for the planting of Mediterranean species. The landscape initially looks stark with few plants; this is because this area tries to convey the actual feel of natural Mediterranean scenes. Dry gullies and rock-strewn ground typify many parts of the Mediterranean; these have been recreated, and sharply drained soil being ideal for these plants.

More densely planted areas display aromatic herbs and shrubs of the ‘Macchie’ (the name given to the vegetation typically found in the Mediterranean) filling the air with the heady aromas caused by the volatile oils they produce. The nature of the Mediterranean weather system determines that the majority of flowering coincides with the moist spring. The good collections of Cistus make a fine display.

The Mediterranean offers interest to each of the senses; the foul smell of Dragon Lilies at odds with the honey scented Mignonette, the coarse Echium and spiky Thistle, the sound of scampering wall lizards through the leaf litter. Even the taste of some plants! The majority of our culinary herbs and vegetables originate in the Mediterranean basin. The western end of the terrace has an olive grove next to vines covering an archway.

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